GLDC CRP Documents

1 GLDC - CRP and FP Narratives Proposal 2018-2022
2 CVs
3 References
4 List of acronyms
5 GLDC Performance Indicator Matrix (PIM)
6 Ex-ante Evaluation of Research and Technology Options for Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia
7 Foresight analysis for Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals (GLDC)
8 Characterization of GLDC Mega-environments
9 Product Concept Notes of GLDC Crops
10 Estimating Targets for GLDC
11 Cross-coordination with Sub-Regional Organizations to Maximize Scale and Impact
12 Assessment of Past Performance and Lessons Learned
13 Unpacking ‘Demand’ for GLDC Crops
14 Priority Setting, Product Lines and Prospective Technologies: Implications from Phase I for a Consolidated Grain Legumes and Dryland Cereals CRP for Phase II
15 Overview of Poverty, Food Security, and Malnutrition in SSA and SA
16 Response to Reviewers' Comments
1 GLDC - Plan of work and Budget 2018
2 Cover letter Common Bean Flagship
3 Common Bean Flagship Proposal Final Version